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My name is Chris Olszewski. I’m a 20-year old college student currently living in Columbia, Missouri. I’m a journalism major with a minor in film studies.  I write about pop culture in my free time. People tell me I have a voice for radio, so I use it.

Occasionally you’ll see my homework here.

Movies were my first love. If my Letterboxd page is to be believed, I’ve seen at least 850 films. I started my adventures in journalism when I was 11, writing for the school newspaper. Upon reaching high school I worked at RBTV, the school’s TV station. My junior year I returned to print, writing for the Clarion, the school newspaper. I would win a CSPA Gold Circle award for Entertainment Reviews for my review of Gravity; that would be the spur that led to this.

I used to be a part of a podcast called Two Total Nerds, which you can listen to here. I’m also a talking head and broadcaster for KCOU Sports. I used to write and be an editor for Arch Authority, a Fansided site covering all things St. Louis sports.

Here’s my Letterboxd and my pages.

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